Smoky Quartz Healing Properties Meaning Uses Types Health Benefits

Smoky Quartz Healing Properties Meaning Types Uses and Health Benefits. Smoky Quartz is a smoky grey variety of Quartz; it is a greyish and somewhat transparent gemstone that makes a perfect combination for pendants and bracelets, it has a high spiritual value as well as a huge market value in Asia and Europe. Smoky Quartz is an excellent healer and looks beautiful when worn. It is also known as the stone of power, many tribes in America and Asian inhabitants regard Smoky Quartz as a religious, spiritual gemstone and is reflected sacred in religious ceremonies. As with all quartz, the material is silicon dioxide (SiO2) crystal that makes up the classic grey Smoky quartz.

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Smoky Quartz Price

Smoky Quartz has several varieties and price tags from place to place; it may be cheaper in Asian markets including Turkey, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Madagascar. The price ranges between $1 per gram to around $50 per gram owing to the rarity and quality of the gemstone or the region where it is extracted.

healing properties of smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz Types

There are multiple varieties and types of Smoky Quartz, some a brighter and few darker traces. The most common chemical combinations are Morion, Cairngorm, Smoky Citrine Quartz, Smoky Amethyst Quartz, and Brandberg Smoky Quartz.

Morion is a beautiful occurrence in Smoky Quartz; it is very rare and expensive type of Smoky Quartz. It has a dark brown colored occurrence that ranges from brown to black in shape. It is a healing stone in itself.

Cairngorm is a yellow-brown type of Smoky Quartz that is exclusively mined from Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. Some of the qualities may be of greyish-brown colorings.

Smoky Quartz Uses and Health Benefits 

In ancient Chinese culture, Smoky Quartz was used in sunglasses. There are quite a lot of its uses, most of the Smoky Quartz extracted is used in jewelry items. It is a famous cleansing gemstone, it helps reflect negative thoughts and energies from human body and soul and amplifies the healing process.

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Smoky Quartz Meaning

Smoky Quartz meaning is derived from its color i.e. smoking grey and thus named after that; quartz is the family it belongs to. Smoky Quartz is synonymous to an ultimate cleanser in-house or workplace.


Where is it found?

Smoky Quartz is a common gemstone mined in Scotland. Smoky Quartz is also the national stone of Scotland. There are multiple varieties found in African nations, Switzerland, Brazil, Scotland, and Madagascar. Cairngorm is only found in Scotland.

Smoky Quartz Properties 

Smoky Quartz is connected to mind and soul; it is a religious, spiritual stone for ancient clans in China and America. It is the stone of power; an ancient term referred to the Greek Gods, it is utilized in magic and spiritually healing a weak soul. Smoky Quartz Properties are illustrated in the table.

meaning of smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz Physical Properties


Smoky Quartz Properties

Smoky Quartz Chemical Formula Si O2
First Found300 B.C.
Place of discoveryScotland
National Gemstone of :Scotland
Hardness 7 (mhos)
Streak White
Colors and Traces Grey, yellow-grey, brown-grey
Largest Smoky Quartz 23.6 kg
Geometry Trigonal

Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz 

The healing properties of Smoky Quartz are:

  • It protects spiritually and physically from the devil.
  • It cleans mind and soul; it reflects the negative energy and bad thoughts.
  • It neutralizes the psychic and emotional attacks on human body and soul.
  • It is a powerful protective stone; men can wear it as rings.
  • It was the most effective healing agent in Ancient Chinese philosophy.
  • It balances the harmony and happiness in the home.
  • It minimizes the fear, anger, and anxiousness.
  • You can wear it for success in business and career; it will enhance brain and thus memory to read, write, and understand things better.



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