Sardonyx Meaning Healing Properties Uses and Health Benefits

Sardonyx Meaning, Healing Properties, Uses, and Health Benefits. Sardonyx is used as a stone of strength and protection. It is associated with happiness and transparent communication and brings lasting joy and stability to relationships, marriage, and partnerships.

These stones are healing stones when you are allergic and also strengthen your immune system. Sardonyx is used as a prevention of Bronchitis and other infections and heal the lungs.

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Meaning of Sardonyx

A name compounded of sard and onyx these are two precious stones. The sardonyx has properties of both; the sardonyx consists of a White opaque layer it is like a sard, merely a variety of agate. Sardonyx is characterized by parallel layers of sard and different minerals. It promotes virtuous conduct and integrity. Sardonyx is derived from a Greek word sard and onyx meaning reddish brown and veined gem. Sardonyx is the Birthstone of August.

uses and health benefits of sardonyx

Where is it Found?

The best stones of sardonyx are found in India. They are also found in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Russia, and Uruguay. These stones are also found in the United States and the Lake Superior region.

Sardonyx Gemstone Healing Properties 

Sardonyx has many healing properties, some of them are deliberated here

  • Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection which promotes virtuous conduct also attracts friends and good fortune. This stone also gives stability to marriage and partnerships.
  • Negativity is absorbed by Black sardonyx, Brown grounds energy and the red sardonyx stimulates energy.
  • The stone helps to regulate fluids and metabolism of the body and especially our immune system. It also used to heal our lungs and bones.
  • It has many excellent properties that motivate and encourage and strengthen our body.
  • It is also used as a psychic meditation and helps to make contact with the spiritual realms, and they will help you to remain grounded.
  • Sardonyx helps to ease stress, sadness and other circumstances of life. It may help you to release and assist anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • This stone has many vibration and healing properties that help to attract new friendships and relationships. It also improves your close ties and to aid the thinking processes.
  • It also helps in mental discipline, focus, happiness, optimism, and confidence. Other healing properties of sardonyx are luck, friendship, good fortune, romance, stamina, vigor, energy, and creativity.

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