Rubellite Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benefits

What is Rubellite?

Rubellite Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benefits. Rubellite tourmaline is one of the rarest gemstones. It is found in few African and Asian countries including Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Brazil also contributes a fair share of Rubellite to gemstone industry. Rubellite is commonly associated with the Ruby gemstone due to the similarity in shape and structure, but both have entirely different structure. The shape, and geometry of Rubellite as compared to Ruby gemstone has few dissimilarities.

properties of rubellite tourmaline gemstone

Rubellite Meaning

The name rubellite is derived from the Latin word rubellus that means reddish in English.

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Rubellite Healing Properties


  • Rubellite, due to its lack of availability, is one of the most expensive gemstones currently sold in the jewelry
  • The fundamental property is that it does not change its color when exposed to sunlight.
  • The colors range from light pinkish to dark red always having slight to strong traces of peach, Orangish, or brown colors.
  • It also makes it the most sought after gem for rings and other jewelry & ornaments.
  • The shape of the stone is hexagonal and is hard in composition.
  • The hardness of rubellite tourmaline gemstone range from 7 to 7.58.
  • It has no cleavage and is transparent in its best form that makes is the best gemstone for jewelry.

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Most Expensive Rubellite

Pure pinkish rubellite is the most expensive one with VVS (very very small traces), while the one with the brownish stresses is less costly.

In the most common Rubellite Tourmaline, there are always shades of peach colored traces. The most expensive rubellite is mined in Afghanistan and Pakistan where the one with traces is abundant in Brazil.



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