Rock Crystal Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benifits

Rock crystal Meaning and Types

Rock crystal was given to this stone by ancient Greek sage Rock crystals are the transparent and have glassy appearance their color can vary from milky white to colorless. A pure transparent colorless quartz used in electronic and optical equipment the formula of rock crystal is SiO2. The types of rock crystal are quartz, rocky quartz, Rose quartz and quartz crystal.

rock crystal healing properties

rock crystal meanings

Health Benefits of Rock Crystals

It is very suitable for self-respect and personality. Rock Crystal was perfect for lost memories, a solution of problems and good for our health and character. Rock crystal put it on your heart it relaxes you and breath consciously, and it protects from bad dreams, removes stress, reduces a headache and fever. Rock crystal also heals gastro intestinal tract and also help stomach problems. Astrologist says it also helps the innocence and modesty and ritual dominations of their enemies.

rock crystal healing properties

rock crystal meaning users

Healing Properties of Rock Crystals

The level of rock crystal of physical healing is increased energy and reduce fever, and it also uses the immune system and prevents for severe and dangerous patients and cleans blood vessels and heart functions. It is suitable for mental health care and body energy level, and it also helps body strength. Rock crystal stimulates the natural crystal formation in the body tissues and glands. It is perfect for body infections and stabilizes blood pressure. It controls nervous system and body balance, and it also heals respiratory function and gastro intestinal tract. It also helps treat insomnia disease and also protect from a toothache it also treats respiratory tract diseases.  Rock crystal is recommended for the student during exams. It is useful for body weakness and inhalation problems. It also improves speech and thought process it also protects against the harmful radiation. It will protect from enemies the energy of stone used together for grounding substances.

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