Opal Healing Properties Meaning Health Benefits Birthstone and Uses

Opal Healing Properties Meaning Health Benefits Birthstone and Uses. Opal is an exquisite stone with first-rate spirited energies. It’ll intensify heavenly alertness and strengthen your religious mysticism and physical eyesight. Opal is associated with October month zodiac sign along with pink tourmaline gemstone. The shadowy glace opal, which refers to “Eye Stone” flashes it brilliance with lighting rainbow even with moderate movement. This stone is committed to the sharpness of eye-sight, energize love and hope, chastity and purity, success and prosperity, luck and happiness. Opal is known as a 14th-year marriage celebration stone and precious stone. You have possibly heard that this gemstone brought rotten luck and known as evil stone because of absurd belief of few illiterate people. All these bad luck rumors about the opal gemstone came from a book named “Anne of Geuerstein” in which Sir Walter Scott’s fallaciously accused a girl of being a demon, and the girl dies because of water drop on her opal which destroys the colors. This anecdote from Sir Water Scott’s dismay the people from buying this opal stone and got triumph in demolishing the European market for selling Opal for 50 years. With no real excellence in the story, prices were down by 50%. But grateful, black opal was discovered from the mountains of South Wales, Australia again in 1877. The opal gemstone market was fortified, and people took the black opal with the storm. When people started reacting to Black opal, the European productions got to dwindle because of this contemporary uncovering. Opal discovery kicks out the myth of bad-luck and unwanted energies linked to it and destroyed negative impressions after 100 Years ago.

If we advance through Roman history, opal was considered to be the most captivate and enchanting gemstone. It was worn by the royal and Roman king families to evacuate depression and diseases. It’s also worn by its moralities which are soothing, strengthen the eyesight, healing properties of different diseases, and proficient in bringing good luck. But as mentioned before, the wave of rumors covered the whole sky and the people under it. The Queen of all gems was thrown away because of misfortunate, mysterious enigma facilities.

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Opal Meaning And Uses

                    Opal Healing Properties

If we tie-up this gemstone with metaphysics world, opal proceed as a prism in the atmosphere. It brings down full spectrum of brightening energy into the system. It enables the body with soothing, clears the emotions, boosts the willpower to our life, and rejoice the manly existence on this globe. It arouses and inspires the optimism, enthusiasm, artistic mind, and allows the people to get attached to your loved one with love and affection. Opal is a very protective stone to inner peace, meditation, and Heart Chakra.

Opal Gemstone Types

Opal gemstone has many types, which are given below.

  • Andean Opal or Peruvian Opal: An ordinary gemstone from Peru. The displaying properties are blue-green or pink soft pastel pearly sheen and translucent as opaque.
  • Black or Precious Black Opal: Found mostly in South Wales, Australia and known as the precious, adorable stone yet. Appearing properties are the glowing black color with attractive edges.
  • Boulder Opal: Precious and rare opal which is formed by fractures of rocks while emitting the habitual Opal. Appearing properties are “it has veins on the stone” which are quite thin.
  • Common or Potch Opal: As its clear from the name, it’s found in every part of the globe. Appearing properties are ”it comes up with every color.”
  • Crystal Opal: Crystal opal is transparent and semi-transparent valuable stone. Appearing properties are “can be colorless and can be light or dark.”
  • Ethiopian Opal: The new kind of opal which was discovered in 2008. Appearing properties are “it shows a variety of color and patterns which are usually bright and occurs outstanding flashes of colors.”
  • Fire Opal or Mexican Fire Opal: A transparent opal of vivid colors range and display red, yellow and green color.
Opal shape and meaning

                  Opal Physical Properties

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How to Identify Original Opal

To identify the original opal, you need to check out the opalescence shows up vivid variety of colors that appear to hover on the background. It often has a blue or purple tone which makes it unique. But if you don’t trust the information provided on the internet, then you must contact the certified dealers and professional stone finders. Because of your money worth the right thing.

Opal Healing and Physical Properties

Opal is famous because of its healing and physical properties. All the properties are as follow:

  • It can purify your blood and kidneys just by wearing it.
  • Opal is very beneficial for your physical eyesight.
  • It increases your wise thoughts and vision of life.
  • It heals your inner peace and removes all scars.
  • Opal connects you with physical love and affection.
  • Opal will heal your emotional stabilization and will control your emotions publically.
  • Opal will fulfill your desire of living happily, peacefully and joyfully.
  • Opal will take all your difficulties and will help you to overcome obstacles in your life.
  • Opal is the stone of compassion; sympathy brings positive energies towards you.
  • It will assist you with prosperity, luck, and abundance in your lives.

Where is it Found

The “queen of all gemstones” are found in Queensland and New Whales in Australia. The main decline behind the European market was the criticism of Bad luck and negativity that it gives after wearing. Supplemental opal gemstones can be found in Brazil, USA, and Russia but you can’t consider them the real ones.

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Opal meaning health and uses

         Opal healing and physical properties

Opal Birthstone

Opal is a birthstone for the people who are associated with Libra and Scorpio. Opal duty is to bring the virtues of soothing, strengthening of eyesight, healing diseases of eyes, and capable of providing the great luck. If you want to boost up your spiritual energies, then this stone is for you. Adding more energies to this gemstone, it provides you optimistic boost up, fades away stress, and gives relief from anxiety.

Opal Meaning

Opal meaning is “Jewel.” But it is mostly known as precious stone because of its rates and healing properties. The precious opal tends to display rainbow type colors.


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