Morganite Gemstone Healing Properties Uses Meaning and Birthstone

Morganite is a beautiful pinkish gemstone found in most parts of the world, it belongs to the beryl family and is brilliantly cut and sold around the world. It is an ideal jewelry gemstone; the beautiful engagement rings are made of morganite gemstone in the United States. The color combination ranges from light pink to peach-pink, it has a lightness that immerses with the feeling of love and affection and creates positive energy around its wearer.

Morganite has numerous physical and healing properties; promoting love and peace is one of its most celebrated properties. It reflects innocence and kindness, the best gemstone to wear for women, or to gift them on special occasions. There are hundreds of uses of Morganite gemstone.

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How to Identify Morganite Gemstone?

Morganite is a member of beryl species; it is also referred to as “Pink Beryl.” Many vendors around the world sell it as “Pink Emerald” that is quite expensive, it is also sold as “Aquamarine” to people with not enough knowledge of gemstones. To identify morganite gemstone, consult a professional broker or only buy from a certified seller, avoid online deals from unknown vendors.

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Where is it Found?

Morganite was first discovered in 1910 in Madagascar and is mined to-date from the site. The discoverers were Tiffany & Co. were the first to sell it in the US. The other places where Morganite is excavated are Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Russian States. African mines are also rich in mining Morganite, especially in Namibia and Mozambique region.

Morganite Birthstone

Morganite gemstone is a natural birthstone of October and November; it boosts love and affection.

Morganite Meaning

Morganite was discovered under J. P. Morgan’s gem discovery and collection streak in 1910. The gemstone was named Morganite in honor to J. P. Morgan for his interest and contributions to the gem extraction and financing.

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Morganite Healing and Physical Properties

  • Morganite has immense healing properties for men and women; it is a high stress relieving gemstone that brings joy and peace to mind and soul.
  •  Morganite is worn by girls entering the puberty to tackle the hormonal changes.
  • Morganite supports love; it is used as a gift of love. Morganite is used as an engagement ring.
  • Morganite is helpful in clearing lungs and thyroid glands, it also helps heal the heart chakra.
  • Morganite gemstone is cooperative in treatments of asthma, tongue disorders, and tuberculosis.
  • It binds souls and heart; it is best for couples struggling to maintain the relationship.
  • It brings wisdom and calmness to the mind.


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