Milky Quartz Meaning Health Benefits Uses and Healing Properties

Milky Quartz Meaning Health Benefits Uses and Healing Properties. Milky quartz is the member of the common and precious quartz family, it is also called white quartz or snow quartz, the color and properties are magical. It has a mesmerizing appearance and a whole lot of health and physical benefits to the person wearing it. The spiritual white quartz stone has a milky texture, thanks to the bubbling inside the quartz crystals making it one of the most beautiful of the family. The water bubbles and a cloudy appearance make it a lighter and more acceptable stone to wear, it activates your crown chakra and is a great spiritual healer gemstone.

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Snow Quartz Health Benefits 

the health benefits of milky quartz are:

  • it helps in countering the issues following breastfeeding in mothers, it relieves the pain.
  • it improves bones and teeth health, it strengthens bones and helps against cavities.
  • it helps pituitary glands and protects against organ failure and infections.

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meaning of milky quartz

Where is it Found?

Milky Quartz is found in Europe and Russian territory, most of the Milky Quartz or Snow Quartz is found and extracted from the famous Alps. It is also found in Siberia.

Milky Quartz Meaning

The meaning of milky quartz is its appearance and cloudy white color, the tiny water bubbles inside the common quartz make it cloudy and milky, the white color and waxy shape are because of it.

Milky Quartz Physical Properties 

Species/Family Quartz
Chemical Formula SiO2
Also known as:Snow Quartz, White Quartz
Hardness Scale7 mhos
Occurrence Natural form
Color White, cloudy to light-grey
cleavage none

Milky Quartz Healing Properties

The healing properties of Milky Quartz are numerous.

  • It is an emotional stress relieving stone, it will reduce negative energies and stress out of your system for sure.
  • Snow quartz will increase self-confidence and enhances public speaking skills
  • Milky Quartz healing properties amplifies wisdom and sharpens the mind.
  • It will help memorize things quickly
  • Milky quartz will align all your chakras, it is a great meditation stone
  • It boosts knowledge and listening ability
  • The milky or snow white quartz is often termed as the observation crystal
  • Milky Quartz balances the hormonal growth in your body, it is a light crystal to sway away from the internal diseases in human body.
  • Milky Quartz or Snow quartz has the healing property to protect against radiations of sun and chemicals.
  • It gives joy and confidence.


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