Lemon Quartz Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benefits

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties, Health Benefits, and Meaning. Lemon Quartz, as its name suggests is a mixture of yellow quartz and amethyst, the resulting product is called lemon quartz for its bright yellow color. There are other variations of the stone related to its heating properties. It is thought to be healing as well as a beautiful ornamental stone to wear as bracelets, rings, etc. lemon Quartz is in similarity with citrine gemstone as if often mistaken by it. The bright yellow to golden colors are found in Lemon Quartz. Lemon Quartz is also known as Oro Verdo Quartz. The chakra of Lemon Quartz is Solar Plexus.

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lemon quartz meaning and properties

Lemon Quartz Meaning

Lemon Quartz has no specific meaning; it is derived from its bright yellow color and thus called lemon quartz. It is carved beautifully as an ornamental gemstone to be utilized as jewelry.

Where is it Found?

Lemon Quartz gemstone is mostly found in South America, commonly in Brazil and the American State of Arizona. The quartz is also mined in France, Scotland, Russia, and African states. It has few amazing properties; the piezoelectric effect is among its geological properties. The best use of lemon quartz is in watches and speakers.

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties


  • Lemon Quartz is believed to be a natural healing gemstone; it has following properties:
  • It is used to focus thoughts and sharpen the mind
  • It transmits positive energy to its wearer and omits out negative energy from body
  • It filters out the unnecessary distractions from the mind
  • It amplifies thoughts and memory
  • It reduces negativity and anxiety of wearer
  • It is also called Money Stone, wearing it would mean more money
  • It also improves digestive system and helps reduce diabetic effect
  • Lemon Quartz is also regarded an anti-illness stone
  • Lemon Quartz is known for its ability to help make decisions
  • Clear thinking and controlling anger is one of the best healing properties of Lemon Quartz


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