Kunzite Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benefits

What is Kunzite?

Kunzite Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benefits. Kunzite is a precious gemstone with colorful crystalline structure; it is known to be a heart mending stone. It stimulates the heart and relaxes your body and mind. Kunzite heals and strengthen heart muscles and increases the passion and love for others. The history behind Kunzite dates back to 1902 when a Jeweler George Kunz discovered it in 1902.

How to Identify a Kunzite?

how to identify kunzite gemstone

Well, it seems a reasonable question is owing to the rarity and beauty of Kunzite Gemstone. How to determine whether it is Kunzite or not? Kunzite is a pinkish gemstone with violet, green, and yellow traces in most of the cases or pinkish Kunzite in raw form. It is of crystalline structure and hence may seem transparent to the human eye. Other colors may include yellow, green, and violet crystals in Kunzite gemstone.

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Kunzite Uses 

Kunzite, as said is a heart healer, women mostly wear it, hence called Women’s stone and particularly for mothers. Kunzite Gemstone is also a stress releasing gemstone; it reduces the chances of heart attack in old age. In the United States, the demand of Kunzite is highest among Single mothers for themselves and babies. The soft pinkish stone emits peaceful energies and releases tension of any kind.

Kunzite gemstone structure and color

Kunzite Healing Properties


  • There is a broad spectrum of healing properties of Kunzite Gemstone:
  • It reduces emotional stresses and tensions, relaxes the heart and consequently lessens the body pressure.
  • Kunzite Gemstone is said to eradicate fearfulness and heart breaking feelings, lessens the sorrows and provides motivation in the heart.
  • For women, it may help against sexual problems of girls such as puberty hormones, menstrual problems, acne, and cramps.
  • It is a soothing agent against epilepsy and psychiatric disorders.
  • It activates heart chakra and crown chakra, bridges between heart and mind and let them work in one direction.
  • Kunzite healing properties also encompass love feeling towards others and yourself.
  • It is an ultimate protector against negative thoughts and negative energies; it is resistant towards black magic and evil spirits.

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