Hyacinth Gemstone Meaning Healing Properties Benefits Birthstone Color

Hyacinth Gemstone Healing Properties Meaning Health Benefits Birthstone Color and Uses. Hyacinth gemstone is the stone of authority, power, and domination. The name hyacinth is the Greek myth; a man was killed during Apollo competition, Light of God when a disk was thrown to him. The blood drops of that young person young person which have fallen on the ground turned into hyacinth flower and then turned into hyacinth gemstone. But this Greek myth is still unsolved, and few people call this story fake, and few consider this truth.

Hycinth Gemstone belongs to Zircon family, Learn more about Cubic Zirconia and Starlite Zircon

Hyacinth is a variation of gemstone zircon. Hyacinth is popular among the people because of the beautiful colors it has. The structure of hyacinth is different from almost every gemstone, which makes hyacinth popular and unique. Hyacinth is the combination of yellow, red-yellow, yellow-brown colors and half part of the gemstone is transparent.

hyacinth gemstone in cut form

This gemstone can be used as an amulet, which protects against many diseases which are infectious, poisons and asthma. The wearer of hyacinth gains personality and popularity in just no time. Not only that, hyacinth gemstone can protect you from the evil eye, spells, and nightmare. Hyacinth is known for increasing in the wealth of the wearer.

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How to identify original Hyacinth

To identify the original hyacinth, you need to check out the structure of the stone and combinations of different colors in it. Hyacinth is difficult to read, that is why most of the people go for certified dealers and professional stone checkers.

Hyacinth Healing and Physical properties

Hyacinth healing and physical properties are as follow.

  • It helps you to grow your wealth and personality.
  • It helps you to overcome spells and black magic on you.

Where is it Found

The beautiful gemstone can be found in Greece, Egypt, and Iran.

Hyacinth Meaning

Hyacinth meaning is “Flower of blood.”

Hyacinth Birthstone

Hyacinth is the birthstone for every zodiac signs because we didn’t find any relevant information regarding this gemstone.



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