Hiddenite Meaning Healing Properties Health Benefits Birthstone Uses

Hiddenite Healing Properties Meaning Health Benefits Birthstone and Uses. If you want to heal your emotional injury, physical fitness, personal power and perceptions about everything, then Hiddenite gemstone is for you. Hiddenite is green in color and a variety of Spodumene gemstones. Hiddenite basically comes up with green and yellow in color, but there are some Hiddenites which are colorless. This beautiful and attractive gemstone is used for jewelry purposes and for the collectors.

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hiddenite gemstone shape and size The name of Hiddenite was derived from the mineralogist in the 19th century who first discovered the minerals of this gemstone. Deposits of hiddenite were found in USA, Afganistan, Pakistan, Europe, and Brazil. Mr. H.E Hidden was the man who discovered this gemstone and made it possible for the people to wear this flawless and glamorous gemstone.

Hiddenite will allow you to catch the knowledge from your surroundings and assists you to remember the lost things in your mind. Hiddenite is a treat for those who want wisdom and knowledge from the higher realm. If you’re looking for your spiritual growth and reflection, then hiddenite gemstone must be on your gemstones list.

How to identify original Hiddenite

To identify the original hiddenite, you need to check the deep inside green color of hiddenite gemstone. If you’re unable to find out which one is real and fake, then you must concern the certified dealers or professional stone finders.

Hiddenite Healing and Physical properties

Hiddenite healing and physical properties are as follow.

  • It sharpens your mind.
  • It provides you with wisdom and knowledge.
  • It is used for balancing the lower heart chakra.

Where is it Found

It can be found in different parts of the world which includes Brazil, Europe, the USA, Pakistan and many more.

Hiddenite Meaning

Hiddenite meaning is aluminosilicate mineral, which is a rare green variety of Spodumene.

Hiddenite Birthstone

Hiddenite is the birthstone for the month of August and untraditional zodiac sign stone of Libra.


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