Heliodor Healing Properties Meaning Health Benefits Birthstone and Uses

Heliodor Healing Properties Meaning Health Benefits Birthstone and Uses. Heliodor is the combination of yellow, yellow golden, and greenish yellow color with an absolutely amazing look that can take your breath for a while. The yellow hue on the heliodor caused by the iron and because of the structure of crystals. The name heliodor comes from the Greek word helios, which means sun that’s why it has the most unusual lively yellow color.

The beryl stone is a gift from the sun, which was discovered in 1910, Erongo, West Namibia. Heliodor is the traditional and cultural stone of Namibia because people tend to believe that it is the most powerful, effective and beautiful stone. Namibian people consider heliodor gemstone as their heritage because of the power and warmth of sun it brings to one’s life.

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If you want to become more active and vibrant in your life, then Heliodor gemstone is for you. It has reserve energy for you, both on busy days and hectic days. Once you wear heliodor gemstone, you’ll get sunnier decomposition and brighter look. Not only that, no one would be able to irritate you quickly and annoy because of the calmness it provides you.

healing properties of heliodor

How to identify Original Heliodor

To identify the original Heliodor, you need to check out the hue of iron and crystal structure on the gemstone. Or else, you have the option of contacting the professional and certified dealers.

Heliodor Healing and Physical Properties

Heliodor healing and physical properties are as follow.

  • It helps you to remove negativity from your life.
  • It helps you to stay stronger in feared situations.
  • It helps you to enjoy your life at its peak.

Where is it Found

It can be found in Namibia. But it can be found in different part of the world as well such as Afghanistan, USA, and Korea.

Heliodor Birthstone

Heliodor is the birthstone for zodiac sign Taurus and Leo.

Heliodor Meaning

Heliodor meaning is “Gift from God.”



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