Fire Opal Healing Properties Meaning Health Benefits Birthstone and Uses

Fire Opal Healing Properties Meaning Health Benefits Birthstone and Uses. A Mexican exalted and majestic stone is known as Fire Opal is very expensive and royal stone which was mined from Open-Cast mines Queretaro, Mexico. Nevertheless, fire opal can be found in Australia, the USA, and Brazil but infrequent and gold form. Germany became the highest importer of Mexican fire opal from the past decade.

fire opal healing properties

Many people inaccurately think that fire opal is straightforwardly the opal which shows a collection of different colors while dominating red color on it. The mistake can be justified because people always refer to fire as flaming and beautiful shades of color. But the reality and physical existence are far different from it since the Mexican fire opal is divergent and disparate from the opal which is opaque and white.

The Mexican Fire opal is Pellucid, transparent and limpid glassy with sharpening orange, red and brownish body color. The fire opal heals a person with it fire-related virtues which include the healing of negativity in life, backbone pain and kidney problems. If we gaze at fire opal mentally, then it’s a wonder gemstone for the shy people and those who lack their confidence somehow. It also helps you to alleviate, mitigate and diminish the memories of rape and sexual abuse.

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How to identify original Fire Opal

To identify the real fire opal, you need to check out the transparency of the stone along with the red, brown and orange shades on the edges. But we would recommend you to contact the certified dealers, as the stone is too costly.

  Fire Opal Healing and Physical Properties

Fire opal healing and physical properties are as follow;

  • It helps you to get away from your past incidents.
  • It helps you with kidney diseases and backbone pains

Where is it Found

Fire opal can be found in Mexico.

Fire Opal Birthstone

Fire Opal is the Birthstone for Libra associated with the Zodiac Sign.

 Fire Opal Meaning

Fire opal meaning is “Luck and Creativity.”


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