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Eye agate haphazard colors with circlet bands that form an eye on the gemstone. Eye agate also familiar with “Botswana Agate” but the majority of people are unfamiliar with this tag. Eye agate gemstones are worn by the people to steer clear of evil eye. It assists those people who are diplomatic, lonely, and easily hurt their selves with tiny things.

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Eye agate will help you in many ways, for example, it’ll help you to intensify sexual energy by increasing stamina and gives you more inner satisfaction. This type of gemstones provides you vibration on lower and gentle frequency which helps you to heal yourself gradually, strongly and steady.

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Traditional people believe that eye on the stone is very unusual that clasp metaphysical properties. Eye agate repeatedly found in agate nodules. Silica precipitates in the rock cavity form the lava flow which cleavage the rock layer and then eye formed on the stone.

Also to silica precipitates, crystallize, and additional layer helps a lot in creating focused eye pattern. Well if I concluded this gemstone, then I must confess that mother-nature is frankly remarkable because it produced a breathtaking stone with such qualities.

 How to find Original Eye Agate

It’s an easy task to find out the original Eye agate because ain’t nobody draws an eye on gemstone with nature like perfection. But if you still have confusion in buying eye agate, then concern certified dealers.

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Where is it Found

Eye agate is very rare to find, but it mostly found in the shoreline of the river (Sicily).

Eye Agate Meaning

As the meaning of eye, agate is clear from its name, but the real meaning of Eye Agate is “eye ambiguation.”

Eye Agate Birthstone

Eye agate is a birthstone for everyone, but it enhances energy when your pair it with sapphire, pyrite,  jet, and Diamond.

Eye Agate Healing and Physical Properties

Eye agate healing and physical properties are as follow.

  • It enhances your sexual power.
  • It increases your love affection towards your partner.
  • It clears thoughts and pacifies emotions.

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