Emerald Healing And Physical Properties Meaning Health Benefits Facts And Uses

Emerald Healing And Physical Properties Meaning Health Benefits Facts And Uses. Emerald name comes from a Greek word which means green stone. Emerald is the sign of enchantment and known as the gem of captivation for many civilizations for over six thousand years. Emerald gemstone with the un-faded lively color is the most attractive gemstone, and it counts among the Big Three colored gemstones which are Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. This gemstone is as value-able as a diamond if the shape is exquisite.

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According to Hindus mythology, emerald has different names before it corrupted to Emerald, for instance, “Marakata” which signify “The green of growing things.” Bygone days reveal that Emerald was known and Sold in the markets of Babylon in 4000 BC and Inca people used to worship this stone which was mentioned in Biblical Information about the Apocalypse.

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Western Literature which came from Aristotle was a big fan of this gemstone. They consider Emerald the main suspect in expanding the owner’s substance in presence and articulation during business. Emerald takes conquer in trials, helps to settle down litigations, comforts and soothes the eyesight.

Many cultures presume that Emerald is such a powerful stone in different ways. The Chaldeans postulate that the stone contains god power. The ancients believe that Emerald will stand for you fecundity and rebirth. Few Islamic people also have a firm belief that this stone works. In Ancient Rome, Kings used to watch gladiator Fights through Emerald because they found it soothing.

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In China, The King Arthur described Holy Grail the fashion came from the Emerald and Thursday in China is the day of wearing green emerald as it considered “Good Luck” to them. The Roman also considered Light green color of Emerald to be unripe and Darker color of Green Emerald as mature.

If we go through Emerald History, this stone has been worn only by Kings and Royal Family because of its rate. The ancient associated Emerald with the goddess of love, beauty, faith, and protection of lovers from unfaithfulness. A lot of Romeo and Juliet Nowadays consider this stone the sign of strong bonding because they have a belief in “If the heart is devoted, the Emerald will turn into Strong Green Color, and if the heart has awry, it’ll turn into different worldly colors. In reckoning with that, wearing emerald would increase your intellectual and memory and would help you to think clearly about your past, present, and Future. Emerald Green is the Holy Color of Islam and Arabs, they consider this color as a sign of Unity, it might be the reason of Muslim world believing in Emerald.

Facts about Emerald

 Some must know perplexing facts about Emerald are given below.

  • It has Supreme Quality
  • It has fully Natural astronomical quality which makes it Unique
  • It has a Zambian Origin which is related to Zambia.
  • It has shattering quality and clarity.
  • It has rich and excellent colors.
  • It has the interior glowing capability and glowing luster as well.
  • It has mercury energy which is not less than amazing.
  • It has a Doshas specified in sacred text w.r.t planter gem therapy.
  • It has many certifications of being the best and real gemstone.

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How to Identify Emerald

To identify the real Emerald, you need to consult a Professional or certified dealer. If you don’t get any, then Emerald has many qualities such as Shinning, Interior green color, Royal Look, attractive and Stylish. There were seven types of Emerald in ancient times just because they were green, but everyone knows the original one always lasts forever. Only the sublime quality emeralds are clear and Flawless and have tiny fractures inside the stone.

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Emerald Healing and Physical Properties

A lot of people believes in Emerald healing and Physical Properties because of their religious perspective and because of phrases people use about Emerald. Healing and Physical properties of this gemstone are as follow.

  • Emerald is a beryllium aluminum silicate and as popular as a diamond in the market.
  • It is considered the most alluring gemstone in the whole world.
  • Emerald is known as “the stone of Love” because it provides domestic bliss and brings out loyalty to you.
  • It expands unity, faith, perceptions, and friendship.
  • The interior green color comes from the chromium impurities structured in the stone.
  • Emerald will help you to promote spiritual and mental balance.
  • Emerald helps your body energy to stay balanced and expand energy flow of Lower and Upper Chakras.
  • The green Emerald is the sign of peace for many religions.
  • After wearing Emerald, you’ll sense stronger responsibilities boost up.
  • Emerald stone energy will aspire you to grow more generously, considerate and in the more loving way.
  • Once you wear Emerald, your stone will know all the blockages and preventions which are obstacles in the way to your success and won’t allow them to haunt you again.

  Where is it Found

Where is it Found: Emeralds are found in granites, pegmatites, and Schists. Some emerald gemstones discover their method into gravels where the exertion of water tumbles and smoothes them so that they look like shiny pebbles. The Emeralds were found first in Southern Egypt and showed the evidence of being work in since 2000 BC. Nowadays the most astonishing emeralds came from Columbia, Chivor and Muzo mines. A tiny quantity of Emerald come up to the market from Brazil as well. Emeralds can also be found in USA, Australia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, and Norway. But if we gossip about last few decades, Emeralds are found in Zambia with huge quantity and quality.

Emerald Birthstone

Emerald can be wear by the individuals who are born in may. This gemstone will help them in growing mature swiftly, Strengthen their perceptions, beliefs in religion, Love, and affection, and would help them to see their future clearer.

Emerald Meaning

Emerald meaning is enchantment and also known as diamonds. People who can’t afford a diamond, they buy Emerald to make their ring look ravishing and attractive.


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