Eilat Stone Properties Meaning Uses History and Health Benefits

Eilat Stone Healing Properties Health Benefits Uses and Meaning. Eilat Stone is primarily derived from a city name Eilat where it was first mined. The best thing about Eilat stone is its rarity, it is known as the King Solomon Stone and is the national stone of Isreal. The composition is made of copper stone along with minerals. The other traces may be Azurite, Chrysocolla, and Turquoise. The combinations make it a beautiful amalgamation of greenish and bluish dots. The blue and green crystals are a rare geological phenomenon in that form. The Eilat stone is considered one of the emotionally strongest stone and has several chakras. It boosts emotional energy and has a pounding effect on someone’s heart and mind.

Eilat Stone Meaning

Eilat Stone meaning is not specific in Hebrew; it is named after a town or small city located in Isreal named Eilat that was the place where King Solomon mined the Eilat Stone. The meaning of Eilat Stone is essentially a beautiful bluish-green gemstone that has a high religious and historical value.

eilat stone healing properties

Where is it Found?

The Eilat Stone is found in Isreal and is a rare gemstone; it is only mined from the city of Eilat.

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History of Eilat Stone

Eilat stone is believed to be mined under the supervision of King Solomon during the Bronze Age, it existed since then and is a highly spiritual stone in Judaism.

Eilat Stone Properties

There are several Healing and physical properties of Eilat Stone that help soothe mind and body. Some of them are:

  • It opposes negative energy, clears heart and soul
  • It enhances the communication skills and increase efficiency
  • It fades horrid memories from mind
  • It clears the mind and helps find a way out of tense situations.
  • It stimulates heart energy
  • It is an emotional stone, one of the best healing properties of Eilat Stone


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