Citrine Healing Properties Meaning Colors and Health Benefits

What is Citrine Gemstone?

Citrine Healing Properties Meaning Colors and Health Benefits. Citrine is a half-yellowish, half-golden natural stone; the colors range from light yellow to light brown color. It resembles the rare gemstone of Topaz. Citrine is a birthstone of November and is also called the stone of the mind due to its tremendous properties to heal and amplify thoughts and sharpens the mind. In ancient times, it was believed that placing a citrine quartz on the forehead increases the Brain Power.

Citrine Meaning and Where it is Found?

The word “Citrine” comes from a French Citron that means “Lemon.” Citrine was given its name due to the lemon color, its most common form. The yellowish color is characterized as a semi-transparent form. Topaz is related to Citrine gemstone or even Safranite in natural form. It was first mined in 300 B.C. Citrine is found in South American nations of Brazil and Bolivia and few African countries. There are few Citrine reserves found in Afghanistan and Landlocked countries of central Asia.

citrine gemstone cluster

Citrine Healing Properties and Its Uses


  • Citrine has been a precious gemstone, for its color and rarity. Here are few of the uses of Citrine Gemstone.
  • It helps in regulating and increasing the digestion process.
  • It is perfect for controlling the mind and amplifying the brain signals to the body.
  • Citrine is used as an anti-depression healing stone, it is placed on the forehead and carved in a ring to release depression and unwanted stress.
  • It completely removes negative thoughts and energy from the body; it is a mind and body purifier.
  • Citrine is placed in a cash box to increase the amount of wealth; it is also known as Merchant Stone or Success Stone.
  • beautifully cut citrine gemstone

Healing Properties of Citrine


  • Citrine is called a happy stone; it brings joy and prosperity to the one wearing it, especially for those born in November.
  • It helps in stable thoughts and clear mind towards a goal.
  • It is very beneficial for healing digestive tract, also reducing the poison effect.
  • It is one of the love stones; it is worn by couples to escalate love feeling.
  • Citrine, also known as the Money Stone makes wealth for its wearer and makes him/her generous by heart.
  • The healing properties of Citrine also include bringing intelligence, self-esteem, and eradicating anti-jealousy feelings.

Zodiac signs for Citrine gemstone: are Gemini, Aries, Leo, and Libra. The planet is Jupiter, while the element is Air. The Chakras for Citrine are Sacral Chakra, Plexus, and Crown Chakra.



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