Alexandrite Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benefits

Alexandrite Healing Properties Chemistry Health Benefits and Meanings. Alexandrite is a rare gemstone with rare healing and spiritual properties, you can also wear it as an ornament, as a necklace, or as a ring. The chemical properties of alexandrite are a rare combination of various minerals; the result is a beautiful multicolored and multi-trace gemstone. The alexandrite gemstone belong to the beryllium family of minerals and is known as chrysoberyl or a branch of chrysoberyl gemstones; it has few traces of aluminum and chromium to give a balanced and charming look with a lot of colors filled in it.

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benefits of alexandrite

The alexandrite crystals are rare; it is found mostly in orangish and purple to brown-red colors in light or when exposed to artificial light. Otherwise, the sunlight colors appear to be yellow, gray, and bluish green most of the times. Due to this color changing the property, alexandrite gemstone is loved by the stone lovers around the world especially in East Asia and Russia where it is in great demand for spiritual and ornamental purposes.

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History and Meaning of Alexandrite Gemstone

The alexandrite gemstone was first discovered around 200 years back in Russia; it is mined from western Russian and Afghan-Pakistan Hindukush belt since then. The bluish-green alexandrite is the rarest and most expensive of all the alexandrite series. The name Alexandrite was given to the stone in respect to the Russian Alexander II.


Alexandrite Healing Properties and Health Benefits


  • It is believed to be a powerful spiritual healer and a magical gemstone for a person wearing it. Here are few of the most known properties of alexandrite gemstone that are:
  • It improves the health of the person wearing it, defends against diseases and negative energies.
  • Its color-changing properties are believed to store the positive energies from sun and stars for a person wearing it.
  • It improves the power of imagination, opens up the person to new ideas and builds up the mind; it is often worn by students to sharpen the mind.
  • Alexandrite increases the blood flow in the body, it also purifies the blood and builds up the heart.
  • It releases tension and makes the person peaceful and calm.
  • It kept you calm and composed in a tense situation or
  • It is also known as the royal guardian against the negative
  • It helps to make a right decision at the right time; it is believed to show the correct path out of two-way situations.
  • It kept you happy and composed throughout the day.
  • It strengthens the liver, pancreas, and reproductive organs in men.



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