Agate Healing Properties Uses Meaning Colors and Varieties

What is Agate Gemstone?

Agate healing properties, meaning, and uses. Agate Gemstone is a bright quartz with a microcrystal structure found in volcanic regions around the world, it is placed in the category of semi precious stones and found in dozens of traces and qualities. Agate Gemstone is found in many colors and varieties that include red, green, white, gray, pink, black, and yellow. There may be two or more traces in a single Agate Gemstone according to the composition of the ground.

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Meaning of Agate Gemstone

Agate is a valuable gemstone; there are many cures in agate gemstone. Agate meaning is termed as a journey to eternity. It can be called as a mythical divine journey to the heavens.

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Uses of Agate Gemstone

Agate has been a valuable gemstone owing to its healing capabilities, emotional stability, providing self-composure to the one who wears it. Ancient Greeks used Agate during pregnancy; it is said that the newly born babies would be sharp and intelligent. Mothers placed agate gemstones between their breast for more milk. It is a mythical protector against incidents during journeys.

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Agate Healing Properties

Agate has numerous healing properties, here are few of them:

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  • It increases mental capabilities and sharpness in a person wearing it.
  • It relieves pressure and tension. It enhances thinking ability. It can stimulate the digestive
  • Agate Gemstone heals stomach and skin diseases; mothers place it between their breasts to strengthen and heals the heart.
  • It is an excellent stone against negative thoughts and produces positive energy and strength to make right
  • It is a natural protector against insomnia, proved to be tuberculosis and insomnia treating agent.
  • It is believed that placing cold agate on forehead instantly reduced fever. It is also a cure for epilepsy by spiritual doctors. It is also a handling agent against trauma.


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