Ruby Zoisite Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benefits

Ruby Zoisite Healing Properties Meaning and Health Benefits. Ruby in Zoisite also named as Anyolite; it is a combination of two crystals fiery ruby and earthy zoisite. This stone contains both properties of these crystals. It is a “marriage” of passion and patience. Ruby Zoisite is green and pink in color. It keeps you from overreacting to difficult situations and prevents you from mood swings. It enhances your psychic abilities.

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Ruby Zoisite Meaning

Ruby zoisite offers energy of happiness abundance and growth. It stimulates the heart and helps you to open to divine love. Zoisite helps to control anger and helps in defeat and despair. It is the combination of crystals that transmutes negative energy into positive.

Where is it Found?

Ruby zoisite mostly present in India Tanzania and also present in the different states of America (North Carolina). The only source is in the Merelani Hills of Arusha. Green zoisite comes from Longido Tanzania and pink ruby from Norway Austria and the United States of America.

Ruby zoisite Healing Properties.

Ruby Zoisite is known to be a natural healing stone; it has many healing properties:

  • It helps to enhance the psychic ability of a person.
  • It aids you in the communication of spirit guides.
  • Ruby zoisite transmute negative energy into positive energy and also helps during the grieving process.
  • It allows a person to release all the pain and sorrow and gain spiritual comfort and relief in life and regaining the passion.
  • Ruby zoisite helps in racing and calms racing heartbeats while maintaining the body s equilibrium.
  • It also helps in fighting bacterial and viral infections, and it also keeps you from over reacting to difficult
  • At the time of stress and anxiety, it helps the body to maintain equilibrium and promotes strength to the immune
  • Ruby zoisite can help heal problems associated with the reproductive organs and increase fertility.
  • It gives relieve and strength to lungs heart and immune system.
  • Ruby zoisite may alter your consciousness, and give access to your soul, body, and memory to help with spiritual learning.





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